Panasonic to Support Eurofins’ HDR UHD Certification and Logo

Eurofins Digital Testing, a specialist in end-to-end quality assurance and testing services, announced that Panasonic has committed to using Eurofins’ “4K HDR Ultra HD” logo on its latest range of TVs. The company’s certification and logo scheme identify TVs that have been fully tested and proven to receive and display HDR, UHD and wide colour gamut content simultaneously, from broadcast and broadband sources, as well as HDMI.

The logo has been designed to ensure that HDR UHD screens are easily recognisable in the marketplace, and the company says it is the only logo covering broadcast and broadband inputs available today. It will be visible on applicable 2018 Panasonic TV models and included on future models that feature an HDR UHD display.

At the upcoming IBC Show 2018 Eurofins will be demonstrating its TestWizard automation framework for set-top boxes and third-screen devices, as well as Smart Home interoperability testing for home automation and IoT products, plus a range of cybersecurity testing services, conformance testing for ATSC 3.0 standards, and more.