Panasonic Reveals Ultra HD Blu-Ray Players with HDR10+

Panasonic has announced at CES, four new Ultra HD Blu-ray players, two of which will support HDR10+ and/or Dolby Vision HDR.

The DP-UB420 will support HDR10+, while the DP-UB820 will receive Dolby Vision support by way of a firmware update, as well as supporting HDR10+ out of the box.

The new devices will also feature voice control, either via Alexa or Google Assistant, 7.1 surround sound and Ultra HD on-demand streaming from services like Netflix and Amazon.

Another feature being described as a “game-changer” is Panasonic’s HDR Optimiser technology, which adds detail back into the picture on TVs with low or mid-range HDR capabilities.

Analyst Comment

We’ll have more on this in our CES report. (BR)