Panasonic Projector Used in Edinburgh

Rental company, Warpro, has used a Panasonic RZ31K projector, which has 30,000 lumens of output to replace dual projectors used in previous years in Edinburgh’s ‘Street of Light’. The challenge is to compete with 60,000 bulbs used to create ‘ almost daylight ambient light levels’. The building is the Tigerlily Hotel on the city’s George Street and the projector shows Santa Claus climbing the outside of the building. There’s a video on Facebook.

Alistair Young, MD of Warpro, said, “Everything about it says it’s wrong. We are battling against extreme ambient light with a projector positioned just 12 metres from the building.

“Last year, we used two projectors double stacked from the opposite side of the street, but this year we also had to cope with the ‘Street of Light’ and were able to do so with just a single 30,000 lumens unit fitted with a wide angle lens. From an optical, light output and power consumption perspective, I don’t think this would have been possible using any other unit or units.”