Panasonic Emphasises System Solutions

We saw the Dynamic Projection Institute’s controllable mirror system on the Panasonic booth at last year’s event. The company has been developing the technology which allows the re-direction of projection output, for example onto floors or ceilings and told us that it has improved the smoothness and accuracy of the control system since last year. It has also developed support for Panasonic projectors up to 20,000 Ansi lumens. We also heard that it is in discussion with other brands, but were sworn to secrecy about the details!

Dynamic projection instituteDynamic Projection Institute has a mirror system to divert the output of projectors. Image:Meko

Panasonic was highlighting its system capapabilities. A presenter was fitted with infrared tracking targets and there were infrared cameras around a stage area. The tracker was checking the location of the presenter in real time and was modifying the projected images to put the presenter into a 3D rendered scene that was then rendered around him. Panasonic told us that this kind of technology is particularly interesting for use in theatres and other locations where the projector could effectively create dynamic scenery. As well as regular projectors, which were shining onto the floor as well as the background (via UST rear projection) the firm was showing the integration of its Space Player.

Panasonic trackingPanasonic tracked the presenter and projected a dynamic 3D environment. Image:Meko

Panasonic ir trackerPanasonic used this ir tracker to position the presenter in the scene. Image:Meko