Panasonic, Thinaire to Deploy Proximity Marketing and Professional Display Solutions

Panasonic System Communications Company of North America, a leading provider of advanced audio/visual solutions, and Thinaire, one of the world leaders in proximity marketing, are working together on a global scale to jointly develop and deploy the next generation of intelligent proximity and video marketing solutions – designed to increase marketing efficacy and ROI.

Panasonic and Thinaire will provide end-to-end digital out of home network solutions, featuring proximity technology and professional displays, designed to engage consumers and enable visibility attribution of video content based on audience proximity data. Smart data-driven marketers can leverage cutting-edge display technology and proximity solutions to link shoppers’ devices to marketing content on screen.

By leveraging the latest location-aware technology, these new solutions developed by Panasonic and Thinaire give brands and advertisers an awareness of the frequency and dwell time of consumers who view their ads. The goal of this joint effort is to offer more intelligent ad units to brand advertisers and strengthen the connection between the consumer and the store in which they are shopping.

“Advertisers will be able to get a greater understanding of how video content is consumed on an out-of-home video ad network,” said Mark Goodstadt, CEO of Thinaire. “Combining Thinaire’s proximity offering and Panasonic’s video capabilities opens up a new world of opportunities for interactive and data-driven marketers.”

“One of the challenges digital out of home advertisers face is capturing accurate measurements of interactions between their advertisements and consumers,” said Cheryl Noti, Director, Solutions Architecture Team, Panasonic System Communications Company of North America. “By working together with Thinaire, we are able to provide marketers and retailers with an end-to-end proximity solution that delivers the data they need for a clear, measurable ROI that will drive greater success from video marketing campaigns and deliver increased value to consumers.”

Instore shopper marketing solutions are continually striving to enhance the customer experience, drive loyalty, and increase sales. Deloitte reports that digital technologies influence 36 percent or $1.1 trillion of instore sales. BI Intelligencer estimates that over $4 billion of purchases will be influenced by beacons in 2015, a number expected to grow tenfold in the following year.