Panasonic Fills In Europe LCD TV Line-up

Panasonic highlighted its new OLED TVs at CES (Panasonic Keeps OLED for Studios in the US) and they will ship in April/May. Now the company has filled in the details on the LCD models and a lower FZ800 OLED set which will have the same image quality as the FZ950, the difference being just the physical design and audio. All the UltraHD models will support HDR 10, HDR10+ and HLG.

The LCD sets will gain the Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant technology during the year and at different times in different countries. They use edge lighting and the FX700 and FX600 has a “switch design” that means that the feet can be set wide or narrower. The Smart TVs use an updated version of the Firefox TV environment that it has used for the last several years. Built-in Wi-FI is standard across the range.

There are 14 LCD models with UltraHD.

  • FX780/FX750 – 2200Hz drive – 75″, 65″, 55″, 49″ – HCX processor
  • FX740/FX700 – 1600Hz drive – 65″, 55″, 49″
  • FX600 – 1300Hz drive – 65″, 55″, 49″, 43″

The company will still have some FullHD models.

  • FS500 – 600Hz panel drive – 49″, 40″, 32″ and 24″
  • FS400 – 600Hz panel drive – 40″ and 32″

Pricing should be available later.

The 700 series have relocatable feet!