OVAB: Benelux Signage Sentiment Up, But Italy is Volatile

OVAB Europe has conducted more polls of digital signage sentiment around Europe, using its Digital Signage Business Climate Index (DBCI).

Sentiment in the Benelux signage market continued to rise in March/April, according to the DBCI. Since the last poll, in January, the Benelux DBCI rose from 67.39 points to 71.43. The outlook for the next six months is positive, and small-medium businesses are expected to remain important.

71.4% of market participants said that their business is good, while only 4.8% said that it was poor. Going forward, no respondents expected their business to get worse in Q2/Q3 – and 76.2% forecast a rise.

85% of signage projects in Benelux last year were medium-sized installations of up to 50 displays, which is up from 2013’s 82%. 10% covered 50 – 99 displays, 4% covered 100 – 500 displays and 1% more than 500 displays. These smaller projects have higher margins and can be tackled by more companies than the larger rollouts.

Vertical markets are important, and retail is the largest vertical in the region – responsible for about 20% of all signage revenues in Benelux. Corporate communications come next, followed by banking (signage in banking is particularly wide-spread in the Netherlands).