Oppo Plans Sim-free Phones for Japan

Oppo of China, owned by BBK) is planning to start to sell its phones without SIMs in Japan in the spring of 2018 according to Reuters. The company is reported to be planning to offer mid-range phones, whereas local reports indicate that the virtual network operators that supply SIMs typically only offer entry level handsets. It set up a company in Japan during Q3 of 2017 and the offer is expected to be made at the end of January. The phones are expected to sell at prices from ¥30,000 ($266) to ¥70,000 ($620) .

Analyst Comment

Oppo has good sales outside China already, including in India and Indonesia. It also already sells audio products in the country as Oppo Digital, so the brand has some awareness. (BR)

Oppo Digital already operates in Japan.