Operation Svoboda – Virtual Simulation in Action at MilSim CEE

Join us at our upcoming Military Simulation and Training event, MilSim CEE, where Bohemia Interactive Simulations will demonstrate the power of virtual simulation by showcasing a live military scenario through its flagship desktop training software VBS3.

“Set in a representation of a European terrain complete with towns, hills and vegetation, a village will be cleared from occupying Opfor units. Role players in the room will act as military leaders in the scenario, leading the attack on the village by mounted and dismounted units. VBS3’s artificial intelligence will simulate additional troops for Blufor and Opfor as well as civilians.”

Operation svoboda highlights the countless possibilities for “Plan, Rehearse, Review, Repeat” using VBS3’s immersive terrains and highly functional military/civilian models, and its easy-to-use, proven AAR tools.

To take part in this exclusive simulation, click on the below link to register your place for our event taking place in one month’s time in Brno, Czech Republic on 30 – 31 October.

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