Opera TV Launches OTT Certification Program

Opera TV has today launched the Opera TV Certification Program to bring over-the-top (OTT) services to multiple ecosystems of platforms and devices. The program by Opera TV, the world’s largest HTML5-powered TV ecosystem, is a first-of-its-kind program designed to solve one of the biggest challenges facing OTT application developers and OEMs.

Certification Program with Opera TV

Currently, OTT app developers lack a unified approach to develop, test, verify and certify their HTML5 apps across connected TV devices spanning multiple vendors and industries, due to each having different flavors of video streaming and HTML5 capabilities. And, with RnRMarketResearch projecting that the OTT app market will increase more than 17 percent to $62 billion by 2020, the need to address this issue is urgent.

As the world’s largest HTML5 TV ecosystem, shipped on more than 40 million devices each year, Opera TV looks to lead the way in addressing this market. To harmonize the two ends, the program is aligned with Opera TV’s latest HTML5 SDK, and consists of two key parts:

  • Application certification provides tools and documentation for app developers, and certifies that the app is compatible with Opera-powered devices. This streamlines development efforts and reduces the time-to-market from months to weeks.
  • Device certification provides device manufacturers and operators with a test suite to ensure their devices, embedded with Opera TV’s latest SDK, comply with device specifications. This significantly shortens the time to bring numerous top-tier complex applications to the device.

“With OTT quickly becoming an important viewing choice for consumers, there’s no reason for the app development and launch process to be so cumbersome—there should be a clear path that everyone can understand, trust and follow,” said Aneesh Rajaram, CEO at Opera TV. “OTT video app developers should be able to build once and deploy HTML5-based applications that are compatible with all Opera TV devices. This increased efficiency and cost savings mark a significant step forward for the industry. We look forward to helping content providers, developers, OEMs and operators reach new levels of success.”

The Opera TV ecosystem spans more than 40 million new connected TV devices shipped every year, making it the world’s largest unified platform for connected TV devices. The Opera TV Certification Program unites HTML5-based devices into one coherent ecosystem that is market-ready at the silicon level. It provides app developers with unprecedented access to specifications and documentation for connected TV platforms, simple-to-use developer tools such as emulators and code snippets, and access to a global support team of experts in Europe, North America and Asia. Unlike individual OEM or operator platforms, the Opera TV platform evolves quickly to keep pace with market requirements, supporting the complex needs of demanding OTT services.

Through the program, certified apps can be distributed through Opera TV partners, which include consumer electronic device manufacturers as well as the fast-growing pay-TV and free-to-air operators. Unlike other programs, this is a multi-silicon, multi-device, multi-industry approach, all aimed at reaching viewers in their living rooms on any device. Opera TV can also help with the distribution and publishing of certified apps and work closely with app developers and content owners to ensure maximum reach for their content.

The Opera TV Store, an OTT experience for consumers, brings more than 1,000 apps to major OEM brands and pay-TV operators. Existing partners with apps launched through the Opera TV Store have the easiest path to certification and are already jumping on board. In addition, Opera TV is expanding its relationship with other premium content partners, who have complex or custom requirements, to ensure they are perfectly aligned and can capitalize on all the benefits of the new certification program.