OnePlus Extends Display Differentiation in Smartphone Lineup with Pixelworks Technology in the OnePlus 8T


Pixelworks®, Inc., a leading provider of innovative video and display processing solutions, and OnePlus, a premium global smartphone manufacturer, announced that the new OnePlus 8T smartphone incorporates Pixelworks technology with unique display features, including its patented high-efficiency color calibration, color management, flesh tone correction and protection, flicker-free screen dimming and ultra-smooth adaptive brightness.

The OnePlus 8T display is the latest in the top-rated OnePlus 8 series and offers more consumers superior visual performance using Pixelworks technology in a sleek, powerful new smartphone.

The OnePlus 8T sports a dynamic 120 Hz AMOLED display at 6.55″, 8 GB of RAM and 128 GB of storage with four cameras, a 48 MP main camera, 16 MP wide-angle, 5 MP macro and a 2 MP depth lens. This latest model builds on the recognition garnered from the reception of OnePlus’ first 120 Hz Fluid Display with Pixelworks technology, which catapulted the OnePlus 8 Pro to the top of many display reviews among prominent media and set or matched thirteen DisplayMate records for visual quality.

With Pixelworks technology, the new OnePlus 8T smartphone screen automatically adapts its tone to the color temperature of the ambient light to preserve display quality and reduce blue light for more compelling video, gaming and other visual experiences in wide range of lighting conditions, from bright sunlight to dark rooms. Consistent with the flagship OnePlus 8 series, the OnePlus 8T incorporates a suite of innovative Pixelworks features that form the foundation of visual quality and eye comfort in smartphone displays:

  • Absolute Color Accuracy – Every OnePlus 8T smartphone is factory calibrated with Pixelworks patented, high-efficiency calibration software and runs Pixelworks color management software on the display processing unit to deliver industry-record color accuracy for all apps, use cases and content spanning the sRGB, DCI-P3 and custom color gamuts.
  • 8K Brightness Control – The OnePlus 8T features a finely tuned, 8192-level (“8K“) luminance control that can dynamically adapt or be adjusted manually by the user in response to changes in ambient light. This enables ultra-smooth display brightness transitions without screen flashing, particularly in low light environments.
  • DC Dimming 2.0 – Reduces eye strain and visual sensitivities that can occur at low brightness on AMOLED screens. To dim the screen, the Pixelworks solution dynamically adjusts the display’s current to mitigate the screen flickering associated with conventional Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) dimming.
  • True Flesh Tone – Calibrated flesh tone correction and protection ensures color accuracy across all display modes to convey true-to-life skin tones for all content involving real people, whether in photos, video captured on the phone, streaming movies and TV or short videos.
  • Tone Adaptive – Pixelworks adaptive display technology in the OnePlus 8T utilizes the phone’s RGB sensor to automatically adapt the color tone of the display to match the color temperature of the ambient light and reduce blue light. This provides superior eye comfort for sustained gaming, movie watching or reading in a wide range of lighting conditions.

“At OnePlus, key partners like Pixelworks help us and our customers achieve the promise to Never Settle,” said Kinder Liu, Vice President, R&D and CTO of OnePlus. “With a Pixelworks-enhanced 120 Hz Fluid Display in the new OnePlus 8T, we have extended our core differentiation across a wider selection of products. We are convinced that once a consumer tries a OnePlus 8 series phone, including the new OnePlus 8T, he or she will never go back to any other display. We look forward to continue elevating the smartphone visual experience to new heights with Pixelworks technology, for the benefit of our customers and our brand.”

“We congratulate OnePlus on their latest launch of the OnePlus 8T,” said Todd DeBonis, President and CEO, Pixelworks. “Based on the strategic nature of our partnership, we continue to work from end-to-end with the OnePlus design teams to ensure that every smartphone they ship with Pixelworks technology continues to captivate and excite their customers. We are pleased to work with the smartphone industry’s fastest rising brand — OnePlus — to help consumers exercise their passions with their most personal device — whether for cinematic video entertainment, amateur photography or immersive gaming.”


The recently announced OnePlus 8T smartphone is expected to be commercially available in Q4 2020.

About Pixelworks

Pixelworks provides industry-leading content creation, video delivery and display processing solutions and technology that enable highly authentic viewing experiences with superior visual quality, across all screens – from cinema to smartphone and beyond. The Company has a 20-year history of delivering image processing innovation to leading providers of consumer electronics, professional displays and video streaming services. Pixelworks is headquartered in San Jose, CA.

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