OLED TV On the Rise

A report from Business Korea said that global OLED TV shipments in Q3 of 2017 this year are expected to be up by a 100% on a year ago, following price changes and wider adoption by TV brands.

According to market researcher IHS Markit, quoted in the pape, global OLED TV shipments are expected to number 341,000 in Q, up 140% from 143,000 units last year. The overall market for TVs was up just 14% in comparison. There is also expected to be a 20.8% rise from 282,000 units in Q2. This is mainly because of an increase of shipments from LG Electronics which, the paper reports, is expected to sell 247,000 units in Q3 – up 86.7% on last year.

TV producers are expected to carry out aggressive marketing campaigns that will boost OLED TV shipments to 400,000 units in Q4. The share of OLED TV products in the global TV market will increase from 4% this year to 11% in 2020 according to IHS Markit. (OLED TV to Dominate High End Says IHS Markit)

LG Display held a ‘Partners Day’ in Beijing on September 12th and the company said that it has 13 customers now.

Analyst Comment

As we reported in our IFA report, every TV vendor at the show except Sharp and Samsung (and Technisat) highlighted the image quality of OLED. It is winning the hearts and minds of viewers. That must be causing a lot of stress in Suwon, where Samsung’s TV business is based, so we expect to see a reaction. (BR)

LG Display Yeo Sang dukLG Display’s Yeo Sang-duk is CMO and spoke at the event in Beijing. Image:Meko