NVX 200 is an Apple Watch Peripheral

We spotted a new and unusual peripheral the other day, a ‘peripheral phone’ for the Apple Watch 3. The Watch 3 has an LTE version and the NVX200 connects via Bluetooth and acts as a standard handset. It can also operate via USB to connect to any other smartphone which can be docked at the back of the unit and is supplied with a number of adaptors for different phones.

Features that the company highlighted were:

  • Take calls in hands-free mode or with the telephone handset for a more comfortable use
  • Benefit from a high-quality sound, for conferences of up to 5 people
  • Dial the calls straight from a physical keyboard
  • Quickly access the telephone contacts and the call history of the smartphone via the physical wheel
  • Use the NVX 200 with all your communication application (e.g Skype, Hangouts, FaceTime etc.)
  • Charge the smartphone
  • Associate contacts to speed dial keys

NVX 200 is available on at the price of $249.00 / 249€.