Norwich City FC and ADI Transform the Matchday Experience with World Football’s First Revolving LED Stadium Screen

ADI have installed a ground-breaking new stadium screen at Carrow Road, the home of Norwich City Football Club, helping to transform thematchday experience for fans in the stadium. The new Epoch 400, a 45m2 high resolution screen which measures a huge 400 diagonal inches, is literally a ‘revolution’ in screen technology.

Revolutionary Screen Technology

Crucially for Norwich City, the Epoch screen also rotates to face different sections of the stadium at key moments, such as goal replays, to create a more inclusive experience for fans who wouldn’t ordinarily be able to view the content.

ADI’s Geraint Williams commented “For the majority of large sport venues, there is no single point at which a screen can be positioned so that it is visible from all sections of the stadium. Our new Epoch screens have the ability to rotate a full 360 degrees, meaning that it can be moved to face any stand in the stadium. This means that more fans are able to benefit from the big screen experience and the club’s commercial partners are able to reach a wider audience more effectively.”

“We’re incredibly excited to launch our new Epoch screen range with Norwich City, which is the first football club in the world to install such a transformative display. Our business is about creating value for our customers – delivering fully formed solutions that drive revenue or enhance experience. We’re looking forward to working together to develop the platform for the benefit of fans and the club’s commercial partners.”

The new Epoch screen is part of a wider digital makeover at Carrow Road, in which the club’s exclusive perimeter advertising agency, Lagardere Sports, have also installed a new higher resolution digiBOARD perimeter system manufactured by ADI. Completing the transformation, Eleven Sports Media have installed a new network of concourse and hospitality screens to inform and engage fans throughout the stadium.

Connected Stadium Technology
The new Epoch screen is connected to ADI’s unique high speed Live Venue fibre network, which links every Premier League and EFLstadium to the company’s remote production hub. This allows the club to utilise ADI’s experienced team of directors, graphics operators and editors to create one of the best content experiences in football.

Stadium-wide Impact
Connectivity to ADI also allows content to be synchronised across multiple digital displays in the stadium including a new perimeter digiBOARD system and Epoch screen to create a Total Stadium Takeover message. This creates obvious commercial benefits, with the ability to deliver a single sponsor message throughout the stadium to maximise impact. The influence on the fan experience is significant too – as lyrics to fan-favourite chants are coordinated across the digiBOARD and screen, and synchronised with the music to create a fan-rousing atmosphere.

Club Comment
Ed Guichard, Norwich City’s Head of Marketing commented “The new screen adds huge value to the matchday experience and the positive response from fans is testament to that. The screen’s ability to revolve creates incredible impact and it’s already become a focal point through which we can drive conversations with fans – so much so they’ve already given the screen its own name, created a song and set up two Twitter accounts dedicated to it. It really is boundary pushing technology, and we’re working closely with ADI’s production team to ensure that we’re able to maximise its value by continuing to develop amazing content.”

“The potential benefits for our commercial partners are huge too. The movement of the screen, and its ability to revolve between portrait and landscape formats, creates a great brand activation platform for our sponsors and we’re excited about developing this in the future.”

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