NLT’s Modules Are HMIs for Machinery

MSC Technologies is now stocking four new LCD modules from NLT Technologies in Europe. The NL8048AC19-14F (7″), NL8048AC19-13 (7″), NL8048AC21-01F (8″) and NL12880BC20-07F (12.1″) are robust units designed for outdoor use and machinery HMIs.

All products are resistant to vibrations and possess a wide operating temperature range (-30 deg to 80 deg on the 7″ and 8″; -20 deg to 70 deg on the 12.1″). They can be used in direct sunlight, with 500 cd/m² (NL8048AC19-14F), 1,000 cd/m² (NL8048AC19-13, NL8048AC21-01F) or 1,500 cd/m² (NL12880BC20-07F) of brightness.

The displays have 800 x 480 (12.1″: 1280 x 800) resolution, an 800:1 contrast ratio and 160 deg (NL8048AC19-13: 140 deg ) viewing angles. Response time is 18ms (NL8048AC21-01F: 25ms). Each features an LVDS terminal.