Nimo Planet Unveils Spatial Computing OS, Computer, and Smart Glasses

Nimo Planet, a spatial computing company, has announced the launch of its new portable spatial computing system designed for productivity. The system includes the Nimo Operating System (Nimo OS), Nimo Core compact computer, and Nimo Glass. It’s jumping on the Apple Vision Pro bandwagon in a big way, but you be the judge of what that means.

Source: Nimo Planet

The company claims the three components aim to provide professionals and remote workers with a personalized, multi-screen workspace that can be taken anywhere. The Nimo OS runs on the Nimo Core, a pocket-sized computer powered by a Qualcomm XR2 processor. It renders up to six high-fidelity virtual monitors that users view through the Nimo Glass headset. Why would there be a reason for all of this technology when Apple seems to be doing something similar with its own, much bigger, infrastructure? Probably because it is not going to cost anywhere near as much to implement.

The compact Nimo Core has a trackpad, air mouse, and supports Bluetooth input devices. It allows intuitive navigation of desktop applications available through the Nimo OS, which is based on Android and Linux. Nimo OS also enables Mac and Windows apps via USB-C and Remote Desktop.

Nimo Planet has begun beta testing of the system and surveying users. Early feedback indicates benefits such as increased productivity, privacy, and efficient workspaces. Investors supporting Nimo Planet’s development include April Ventures, Fittr, and Polygon.