NHK to Launch “World First” 8K Channel Next Year

Advanced Television reports that NHK executives announced to attendees at this week’s Mipcom UHD trade show in Cannes that it is currently producing a variety of 8K content, as well as making further investments in 4K.

Due to launch in December 2018, NHK’s new 8K channel will launch beside its current Ultra HD offering, broadcasting 12 hours and 10 minutes worth of content in 8K every day, including live sporting events and documentaries, as well as other types of programming.

NHK offered a sneak preview of the new technology, a 60-minute documentary on the Yellowstone National Park, produced in 8K, then down-sampled and displayed on an Ultra HD screen. Senior producer Jun Ochiai also mentioned to attendees a project called Tokyo By Night that was produced in 8K and HDR.

Hiroyasu Masuda, a Senior Manager of Broadcasting Technology with NHK went on to highlight 8K’s potential uses in the medical field, showing delegates a clip of blood flowing through a mouse, filmed with a microscopic camera.