Next-Gen Amazon Fire TV Specs Revealed

AFTV News has revealed specifications for three new Amazon Fire TV products, due for release this year.

Two editions of the Fire TV capable of outputting Ultra HD resolution and HDR at 60 FPS are planned for release in 2017.

The first is a Chromecast-esque dongle that connects via HDMI. The second is Amazon’s new flagship Fire TV in a cube-shaped set-top-box form factor.

The new box will include far-field microphones, a speaker and LED light bar. It will feature all the functionality of the Amazon Echo Dot, including Alexa voice control, plus an infrared emitter so consumers can set it up to control their TV and other equipment.

A new mid-range Fire TV is also on the way, but is not believed to be replacing any of the currently available Fire TV products. Leaked benchmark tests uncovered by AFTV place its capabilities higher than the second-generation Fire TV Stick, but less than that of the second-generation Fire TV box.