Newegg Launches Program to Sell Pre-Owned Monitors and Tech Products

Newegg has launched Newegg Refreshed, a refurbishment program for pre-owned technology products. This program includes a variety of refurbished items such as Apple products, graphics cards, gaming desktops, monitors, laptops, tablets, mobile phones, and robotic vacuums.

Source: Newegg

Customers can trade in unwanted PC hardware, and a graphics card trade-in program is also part of Newegg Refreshed. Products are inspected, tested, and refurbished by Newegg and its partners, which include ABS, Likewize, Back in the Box, CTS Warehouse Store, Focus Camera, and iRobot. The Newegg Refreshed Guarantee offers a 90-day return policy for refunds or replacements. Additionally, a promotion is available for 15% off (up to $150) on Apple refurbished products through Feb. 28 for customers paying with Zip using the promo code REZIP.