ViewSonic Sets New UltraHD IPS Price

ViewSonic was in the Encore Hotel in a suite (although the hotel staff didn’t seem to be aware of this!) and we made our way there to have a look around.

First, we looked at a new VP2785-5K “5K” monitor with 99% of AdobeRGB colour space and we heard that the monitor will hit the market in late Q2. UltraHD monitors were also a focus and the 27″ VP2780-4K  has 60P support and HDMI 2.0.

The 23.6″ VX2475Smhl-4K was very interesting. While the specification seemed straightforward, the pricing is very competitive – we were told that the suggested price for the IPS UltraHD monitor is $610 and ViewSonic said that it expected the typical price to be $449, which is very competitive for an UltraHD IPS monitor.

The VG2860Smh-4K is a “second generation” 28″ monitor and there are inputs including DisplayPort, Mini DisplayPort, HDMI, MHL and DVI. The monitor can support up to four different input configurations using Picture by Picture.

The VX2701 is a 27″ Full HD 1080p gamer’s monitor featuring 144Hz refresh rate and ultra-fast 1ms response using a TN panel and with support for FreeSync.

The VG2847Smhl-LED uses an MVA panel and is for corporate use, as is the VG2439Smhl-LED. More details will become available.

The TD2430Sml is a 24″ touch-enabled monitor that supports 10 point touch.

Of course, ViewSonic has a new 34″ 21:9 curved monitor, the VX3473Smhl.

Some vendors have small PCs or thin client units that fit between the stand and the monitor, using the VESA mounting points. Unfortunately, moving the weight up and to the front can cause some instability, so ViewSonic has put extra mounting points on the back of the base of the height adjustable stand, so that PCs and clients can be mounted there, using 75mm or 100mm mounting points.

The company has success with US corporates and we heard that the VX2439 23.6″ monitor is a best seller in that market. It is designed for corporate use, for example it has a “non-glare” bezel and uses a VA panel. Staff told us that the failure rate of that monitor, under warranty, is just 0.14%, which helps the corporate sales.

We had a quick look at the thin client area.

The new 24-inch SD-Z246 integrated zero client monitor (Teradici-based for PCoIP support) is designed to be ideal for deployment in VMware-based VDI environments, while the SD-T225 is a 22-inch thin client display optimized for Citrix or Microsoft based virtualisation and features multiple connectivity options, including a DVI output for dual monitor usage, and four USB ports for peripherals.

Viewsonic compute stickViewsonic had a “compute stick” HDMI DongleStaying in the PC area, ViewSonic showed a “PC on an HDMI” stick.There were only a few details, as ViewSonic said that it was “exploring the concept” but we guess that this is something like, the Intel “Compute Stick”

Bizarrely, ViewSonic didn’t tell us about uts new projection products, perhaps staff thought we weren’t interested! Anyway, at the show, the company announced a new line of “LightStream” projectors with DLP technology and brightness from 3000 to 4000 lumens and resolution from 800 x 600 to 1280 x 800. Pricing is from $399 to $699. The range is designed to be easy to use and lamp life is said to be 10,000 hours. The products will start shipping from now until May.