New Samsung OLED Panel Advances “Adaptive Refresh Rate” and “Super Touch” Technologies for Smartphones

Samsung Display once again is shaking up the smartphone marketplace with two of its most efficient OLED features — an “adaptive refresh rate” and “super touch” technology. The “Adaptive Refresh Rate” enables smartphone users to enjoy a refresh rate that varies from 10Hz to as much as 120Hz, based upon the application in use at any given moment.

This can sharply lower the amount of power consumed each day, while producing even more dazzling images for video games, movies, and educational materials.

Samsung Display’s Adaptive Refresh Rate efficiently reduces power consumption by automatically adjusting the refresh rate of any series of images, to supply only as much resolution as needed for whatever the user is viewing. Thanks to its adaptive refresh rate, Samsung Display said that power consumption in mobile devices can become up to 22 percent more efficient, making this an exceptional display panel technology for 5G smartphones.

Now being used in the Galaxy S21, Samsung Electronics’ newest flagship smartphone series, the refresh rate can automatically vary from 10Hz for viewing still images on social media to 120Hz for playing mobile games. Most eye-pleasing of all, the adaptive refresh rate enables the OLED panel to reach 120Hz at the ultra-high resolution of WQHD+ (3,200 x 1,400 pixels) to consistently depict incredibly sharp moving images without having to switch to a lower resolution.

In further enhancing an industry-leading 120Hz refresh rate for smartphones, Samsung Display has also introduced “Super Touch” technology, which allows for a smoother, more responsive user experience, by dramatically reducing the response time to a user’s touch.

“Super Touch” technology has resulted in increasing Samsung Display’s leading refresh and touch sampling rates to 120Hz and 240Hz respectively, resulting in an overall response time that corresponds to a 30% faster input.

This is able to provide smartphone users with an incredibly smooth and more responsive tactile experience.