New Osram Facility Opens Next Week—Is MicroLED on the Cards?

Osram Licht AG has announced that on October 23rd it will commence operations at its new LED chip manufacturing facility in Kulim Hi-Tech Park, Malaysia.

In its press release, the company claims that the new fabrication will be “the largest and most modern factory for 6-inch-wafers for LED chips in the world” when it completes its final phase of construction in 2020.

The new factory, which cost the firm €1 billion ($1.18 billion), covers 48 acres of land and is strategically positioned close to an airport, as well as an existing Osram facility in Penang.

A mock-up of Osram’s new fab in Malaysia’s Kulim District.

1,500 new jobs will be created by the opening of the facility, which will reportedly manufacture LEDs for automotive and smart lighting, and infrared applications for sensors.

The question on everyone’s lips is, going forward, will Osram be manufacturing Micro LEDs at its new Kulim factory?

Analyst Comment

Some LED specialists believe that the company does have plans for making MicroLEDs at the plant, but could not get official confirmation of this. (BR)