Netflix Will Have 128 million subscribers by 2022

Subscribers to Netflix will rise by 44% from 2016 to number 128 million in 2022, according to the figures published by Digital TV Research with the number of non-US subscribers outnumbering US subscribers by 2018. In 2016, 81% of subscribers were in North America and Western Europe, but this will fall to 72% by 2022, with the Asia Pacific region almost tripling its numbers to 10 million. Netflix is available in 190 countries, but still cannot access China and currently has problems with Russian law. But by 2022, the US is still expected to contribute 44% of global subscribers and the 60 countries which subscribed before 2016 will provide 90% of the $14.86 billion revenue. Netflix is expected to spend 57% of this ($8.5 billion) on content.