Netflix Lobby has 13K Resolution LED Display

D3 of the US has released a case study of an 80′ (24.4m) wide LED-based video wall with 13K resolution built for Netflix in Los Angeles. There is also a 110 piece sculpture that uses 8K projection to ‘wrap’ three walls. The LED display is 3.65 m high and uses 1.9mm pitch technology. Complications in installation included putting a cutout for double doors and a 90º angle.

The company used an AEPIMS Pro box to drive the system with 23 million pixels (and a second layer bringing a total of 46 million). The 13K graphics are layered and support motion. A requirement of the customer was that the receptionist could easily welcome VIPs or change the display content easily.

The sculpture uses projection mapping to individually illuminate the 110 pieces.

There’s a video of the lobby below.