Netflix Comes Out Way on Top in French VoD Study

Consulting company NPA Conseil has released a new survey revealing the on-demand video viewing habits of France, as reported by Advanced Television.

According to the report, Netflix is the most used of all the streaming services by a huge margin. 63% of all on-demand viewers use Netflix, while its next-closest competitor Canalplay holds 19% of the share.

Of the ten most viewed titles in the country, Netflix hosts seven of them, including the top three, Narcos, 13 Reasons Why and Orange is the New Black.

The report goes on to say that 2.3 million people in France are watching 3.7 million programmes every day. 48% of those are watching TV box sets, 28% watch movies and 16% are streaming child-friendly content. 62% of the total viewing time is via TV and set-top-box apps, while 21% is watched on computers and 16% through mobile devices.