Neonode Smartphone’s Slide-to-Unlock Patent Lawsuit Against Samsung

The recent case, Neonode vs Samsung, is another patent infringement lawsuit involving Samsung. This time, the case revolves around the slide-to-unlock feature used in Samsung’s Galaxy product line.

Neonode Smartphone LLC, a smartphone company, alleges that Samsung infringed on two of its patents – U.S. Patent Nos. 8,812,993 and 8,095,879. These patents cover a method for interacting with the user interface of a mobile handheld computer unit through a touch-sensitive display – the slide-to-unlock feature.

According to Law360, U.S. District Judge Alan Albright partially agreed with Samsung’s motion to dismiss certain allegations from the lawsuit, specifically allegations of pre-suit willful and indirect infringement. However, he has allowed Neonode to amend its complaint regarding these dismissed allegations. The judge also let stand several other allegations, including post-suit infringement claims.

Interestingly, Neonode’s technology was previously involved in a separate patent lawsuit between Apple and Samsung, which started in 2012. In that case, Apple accused Samsung of infringing on its own slide-to-unlock patent. Samsung had defended itself by arguing that Apple’s patent was invalid due to the obviousness of Neonode’s earlier invention.