NEC Showcases Retail and Digital Signage Solutions at NRF16


NEC Corporation of America (NEC), a leading technology provider for advanced IT, communications and networking solutions, today announced that it will feature new retail solutions that integrate a wide range of NEC technology, including point of sale (POS), biometrics, digital signage and analytics, during the National Retail Federation’s Big Show, Jan. 17-20, 2016, at New York’s Jacob K. Javits Convention Center. Visit NEC in Booth #4143 during the NRF16 EXPO Jan. 17-19.

At this year’s show, NEC will demonstrate integrated retail offerings combining its retail software and hardware with NEC’s biometrics and display technologies. These integrated solutions bring together the best of NEC’s retail, biometrics and display capabilities to capture shopper demographics and measure in-store analytics, all while leveraging the importance of in-store marketing and advertising giving retailers the information needed to provide a more personalized shopping experience in their stores. NEC’s Stanchion® 3.0 retail suite includes hardware, software and services to enable store managers and staff greater access to data, improved communications and increased productivity within their store environments.

‘Face of Retail’ offerings incorporate industry-leading biometrics technology

With loss prevention top of mind for retailers, NEC provides a solution that incorporates its industry-leading facial recognition technology in the NeoFace® Watch solution. The solution integrates with video surveillance systems to enhance security by capturing images from surveillance or web cameras and instantaneously matching images against a watch list of individuals, and then pushing notifications to Apple and Android mobile devices in the store instantaneously.

Another biometrics-based solution that NEC will be demonstrating is NeoFace Engage™, which incorporates interactive signage with facial recognition technology. Retailers can benefit by being able to tailor in-store advertising based on age and gender using real-time content to market products and educate shoppers, all while capturing shopper analytics.

NEC will also demonstrate its biometrics intelligence capabilities by showing one of its newest biometrics solutions, Enterprise Video Analytics™ (EVA). This solution focuses on capturing age and gender analytics to track in-store shopper demographics to give retailers information for product and marketing campaigns. NEC will be showing the EVA solution integrated with its new POS during the show.

Big Data and NEC retail solutions for the future

InPosition, a point-of-service omni-channel retailing platform offered by NEC, is a real-time direct fulfillment solution that enables retailers the ability to offer a mobile POS solution on the store floor. The mobile solution isn’t limited to mobile POS capabilities; it also offers instant item look up by store staff and detailed information about products to enhance the overall shopping experience, while providing a personalized level of customer service.

NEC will also unveil a Fresh Food Optimization solution that brings a new approach to fresh item management by leveraging in-store data collection to accurately predict fresh food quantity purchases by the store, thus cutting back on waste and saving money.

In-Store Analytics is another NEC solution that combines the use of heat mapping to track customer product engagement and dwell times at specific products and location in the store.

In addition, NEC will demonstrate a virtual POS using its Interactive Projection System. This unique solution uses projection technology to create an interactive POS that offers direct table ordering, plus the ability to push coupons to customers’ mobile devices and interactive informational offerings and promotions that can be shared with shoppers.

Showcasing NEC Display technologies

NEC Display Solutions of America, a leading provider of commercial LCD display and projector solutions, will also show a selection of its display technologies to help retailers strengthen connections with customers, bolster brands and offer flexibility to the people installing and managing the solutions.

  • NEC Display will showcase integration between NEC’s POS system and Real Digital Media’s NEOCAST® digital signage platform to demonstrate how retailers can incorporate advertisements, in-store promotions and triggered content to enhance customer engagement, create upsell opportunities and track sales trends in the store at the point of sale.
  • NEC Display’s video wall solution using its X554UNS 55” displays will incorporate Impinj RAIN RFID technology solutions that show how retail stores can make a big visual impact while also creating a unique in-store customer experience.
  • A new interactive kiosk will be demonstrated as well using NEC Display’s 55” V552 display with integrated multi-touch technology. This solution provides the retail industry with a cost-effective and secure way to relay important information to customers.
  • NEC Display’s X981UHD 4K 98” display will showcase rich ultra-high definition content for the retail environment.
  • All Digital Signage solutions will be powered by NEC Display’s new Intel Open Pluggable Specification (OPS) computing solutions designed to enable easier installation, use and maintenance of digital signage.

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