NEC Enhances Interactive Work and Learning with New Large Format Multi-Touch Displays

NEC Display Solutions Europe is launching two new affordable displays using ShadowSense touch technology, the E705 SST and the E805 SST, offering an immersive interactive experience for both business and education environments.

The new multi-touch displays meet the needs of business and educational organisations seeking the benefits of interactive whiteboard applications, helping them improve efficiencies and create a more engaging visual experience.

The ShadowSense touch technology offers real-time tracking of all touch points using innovative and patented position sensing technology. Using large format displays with ShadowSense touch, education organisations can transform the learning experience through greater interactivity and use of visuals, whilst business collaboration can be made more productive by adding more tools to facilitate better meetings.

Daniela Dexheimer, Product Manager Solutions at NEC Display Solutions Europe comments: “At NEC Display Solutions we recognise that collaboration tools need to provide a lot of functionality for organisations, whether in education or in business environments, to make sure they have the right tools in place to drive engagement and participation. Students are increasingly using technology to improve their learning, and making this an interactive experience is key. Businesses that have long used displays for conferencing, can now add this functionality to further benefit from the increasing trend to enable greater collaborative working.”

The E705 SST and the E805 SST both enable up to six simultaneous touch points for all major operating systems, it offers reliability as there are no ‘ghost touches’ or dead zones, and flexibility as it allows for good performance in bright ambient light and sunlight. Further flexibility is offered thanks to palm rejection, as the ShadowSense touch technology can prevent interference from the user’s palm. They also offer ease of use through automatic touch detection as they detect and switch automatically between interaction from a finger, eraser or pen device. This makes working on a touch screen much more intuitive compared to conventional touch screens or interactive whiteboards. Both displays are shipped including a stylus and an eraser. At last, they come with a free multi-user licence of NECs interactive whiteboard software DisplayNote to be able to connect up to five devices, allowing content to be shared and presented amongst viewers and interaction in a creative and convenient way.


The NEC MultiSync E705 SST and the MultiSync E805 SST displays will be available from June 2015.