NEC Enhances Colour-Accuracy Control with SpectraView II Calibration Software on PA Series Desktop Monitors

NEC Display Solutions Europe is enhancing its award-winning MultiSync®PA Desktop Display Series with SpectraView®II calibration software, so industries such as photography, film post-processing, brand advertising and agency design which all rely on colour accuracy, can more easily benefit from hardware calibration.

As well as availability in the PA-SV2 Series, NEC customers can also purchase the SpectraView®II as stand-alone software to calibrate selected NEC displays.

The PA-SV2 Desktop Series, consisting of the PA242W-SV2, PA272W-SV2, PA302W-SV2 and PA322UHD-SV2, will feature the intuitive software as standard, enabling better management of colour calibration via the 14-bit internal look up tables (LUT). The software can also be used with many of the desktop EA Series monitors and the latest 4K UHD large format displays. Industries that rely on colour accuracy, such as photography, videography, graphics and creative design will gain even greater control and benefit over this critical element of their work.

Due to its intuitive user interface, the software also opens up a broader opportunity for other industries to benefit from easier colour management. Christopher Parker, Product Line Manager Desktop Displays at NEC Display Solutions Europe explains: “The importance and benefit of colour accuracy and colour management is connected with the rise of large format display applications in which image content branding and corporate identities increasingly need to be respected. Additionally, high-end photography is no longer limited to the professional studio, as ‘prosumers’ also seek more life-like results from their displays. We are delighted to welcome SpectraView®II software to the European market, with full confidence that it will continue the success seen in North America.”

The software is particularly easy to use thanks to its intuitive graphical user interface, with a focus on minimal menu levels and interactive graphical settings. Even the more complex calibration settings are easy to access and provide advanced control using the SpectraView®II software. Most standard external sensor calibration devices are supported, as is the latest versions of Mac OS, Microsoft Windows and popular Linux operation systems.

Availability and pricing

From March 2015 onwards the NEC MultiSync®PA-SV2 Desktop Display Series will ship with the SpectraView®II calibration software as standard. The other existing desktop PA Series products will also continue, without the addition of calibration software for customers and applications that require excellent image and product quality, but do not need hardware colour calibration. Due to particular demands within the pre-press, soft-proofing industries, and creative agency sector, the SpectraView®Reference desktop monitors will continue to ship with the industry benchmark SpectraView®Profiler software.

The suggested retail price for SpectraView®II software as a standalone product is EUR89.