NEC and Samsung Announce 5G Partnership

NEC and Samsung will join forces to strengthen their 5G business portfolios by merging their technology and skills, the companies announced, adding that the partnership will provide mobile carriers with 5G solutions that are customised to meet their needs and localised for each region.

“Since 5G will enable new services and business models, it is inevitable for mobile carriers to demand customised solutions and flexible network architecture,” the company said. “Through this partnership, both companies will satisfy these growing demands effectively by joining the best forces and capabilities from each company.”

Samsung has already commercialised 5G services across the US and has been selected by one of the major Korean operators as its 5G vendor. Combined with NEC’s specialism in IT solutions, where it leverages its telecommunication technology, including 5G, both companies will explore new business opportunities in the global market.

This partnership, as we understand it, is in the network/infrastucture business, not in the client devices. (BR)