NComputing Brings Windows to Chrome

NComputing’s new Chromebook, the CX110, features the ability to run Windows programs on the Chrome OS.

When used with vSpace Server and the vSpace Client for Chromebook (downloadable from the Chrome store), users will be able to run Windows, Java and Silverlight applications. Each CX110 is supplied with a one-year license for the vSpace Client.

The unit is designed for education users, as is the vSpace software; vSpace provides a centrally-managed solution, which can deliver up to 100 Windows desktops from a single PC. According to NComputing, more than 1 million US students currently use the software.

As a Chromebook, the CX110 provides an always-up-to-date and secure environment. A ‘sandboxed’ kiosk mode is built in, which prevents students from leaving exam and test applications to check answers.

An 11.6″ non-glare display, with an IPS panel (1366 x 768), is used in the Chromebook. The Chrome OS runs on a 1.8GHz quad-core processor from ARM, with 4GB of RAM and 16GB of storage. HDMI and USB (x2) ports are built in.

NComputing is selling the CX110 in the North American education market now, for $230.