Nanosys Doubles Production Capacity for Quantum Dot Displays in 2015

Nanosys, enabling a new generation of vibrant, energy-efficient displays with its Quantum Dot technology, today announced it has doubled its Quantum Dot materials manufacturing capacity to 25 tons per year in response to rapidly increasing demand from leading UHD television makers.

Nanosys’ new mass production process enables the company to produce enough Quantum Dot materials to bring perfect color to over 6 million 60″ UHD TVs per year at its state-of-the-art nanomaterials fab in Silicon Valley.

Designed from the start for flexibility, the high volume, automated manufacturing process supports today’s high performance Cadmium and non-Cadmium materials as well as Nanosys’ innovative light emitting materials roadmap without the need for retooling.

“Nanosys’ new high volume, automated manufacturing process firmly establishes Nanosys as the world’s largest Quantum Dot supplier,” said Jason Hartlove, CEO of Nanosys. “It represents a significant leap forward in the adoption of Quantum Dot technology for displays– in just a few years most of the devices we love, from tablets to TVs, will feature brighter, richer, more colorful displays that use less power because they utilize Nanosys Quantum Dots.”

Already in use in millions of tablets and laptop computers worldwide, Nanosys Quantum Dots were a hit at CES 2015 with product demonstrations from UHD television makers including Hisense, TCL and Changhong. No other emitter material offers the same battery-saving power efficiency or accurate coverage of BT.2020, the new UltraHD television broadcast standard for color. Look for Nanosys Quantum Dots in next generation UHD televisions in the second half of 2015.