Nanosys and QD Vision Clash Over Patents

Nanosys has brought the legal system to bear against QD Vision in the USA, for patent infringement. Nanosys’ lawsuit alleges that QD Vision’s products infringe upon its photoluminescent QD materials and related methods. The suit also claims that QD Vision’s ‘inferior copies’ threaten the quantum dot market, by creating confusion amongst customers and casting doubt on the viability of the technology.

Jason Hartlove, president and CEO of Nanosys, was damning in his criticism: “QD Vision is a poor imitator using technology stolen from Nanosys to produce cheap knockoffs,” he said. “When QD Vision’s own technology failed, the company chose infringing on Nanosys’ patents over taking the time to innovate… “The results speak for themselves. Products using QD Vision’s solution have poor colour uniformity, high defect rates in the field and unfortunately, are creating the perception that quantum dots are a cheap and inferior quality technology. If consumers come to associate this level of performance with Quantum Dots, then the reputation of the technology in the marketplace will be permanently tarnished.”

QD VisionQD Vision has hit back at Nanosys, dismissing the firm’s legal action as an attempt to slow down legitimate progress. The firm cites design wins, including TVs from Sony, TCL, Philips and Hisense, as proof that its products are the ‘best in the industry’, as well as the most widely-used (more than a million displays have used QD Vision’s products since 2013).

“We believe Nanosys’ claims are entirely without merit,” said Mustafa Ozgen, QD Vision president and CEO. “It’s apparent from multiple misstatements that our competitor is feeling threatened by our success in the market and using this improper lawsuit to try to slow our legitimate progress. We at QD Vision are very proud of our rapidly-growing portfolio of IP, products and customers. We intend to defend ourselves and our technology vigorously.”