NanoLumens Installs a 360° LED Display

NanoLumens has installed a curved Nixel Series LED display, wrapped around a giant metal baseball that is suspended over a water fountain. The display weighs just under 5,000 pounds (2,268 kg), and is designed with a 9.5mm pixel pitch and the ability to reach 7,000 nits of brightness. The 360° display is visible from more than 100 yards away in every direction.

The display is comprised of hundreds of NanoLumens Nixels, small, flexible panels of LEDs that the are combined to create a completely seamless HD display in any size, shape or curvature.

According to Dan Rossborough, NanoLumens director of strategic projects, the idea for the iconic digital centrepiece came from Atlanta Braves president of business, Derek Schiller, and was the result of months of planning.

The NanoLumens display broadcasts advertisements, pre-game festivities and live Braves games. The designers created a baseball graphic that completes the sphere, combining the metal and LED elements to form a 22’ tall (6.7m) baseball. To broadcast live video, the content software splits the 360° display into four sections that each display a standard 16:9 ratio video feed. Because the amount of ambient light varies from direct sunlight to the darkness of night, the display includes light sensors and automatically adjusts its brightness output every few seconds to ensure it is always at the optimal viewing level.

NanoLumens has installed a curved Nixel Series LED display suspended over a water fountain