Nanolumens has 18 Patents and Plans to Defend Them

Nanolumens has said in a press release that it has been awarded US Patents number 8,963,895, 9,013,367, 9,058,755, 9,159,707, 9,326,620, and others for its LED displays, which it can make in curved or flat configurations. The company has it also has patented technology for accurate aligning modules to make them look seamless.

NanoLumens CEO Rick Cope said “Unfortunately, a number of manufacturers are selling products which violate our IP and flood the market with cheap imitations that ultimately degrade the trust customers place in LED technology as a whole”. As a result, Nanolumens said that it intends to “vigourously defend” its technology. “As NanoLumens moves forward with legal actions, I urge customers and system integrators to avoid the risks inherent in buying or using display solutions infringing upon our company’s IP rights and therefore risking legal action,” he said.