N1 is Nokia’s Android Surprise

The Nokia brand is known for Windows and Windows Phone products – especially since the acquisition of the smartphone unit by Microsoft. Now the Finnish company has surprised everyone by releasing a high-end Android tablet called the N1.

The foremost feature is Android 5.0, running on an Intel 64-bit processor (quad-core 2.4GHz, Intel Atom Z3580). A custom skin, Nokia’s ‘Z Launcher’, will adapt to the way the tablet is used, displaying the most commonly-accessed apps. The apps shown on the home screen can also change depending on the time of day, or user’s location. Tracing a letter on the screen will bring up apps starting with that letter: ‘F’ for Facebook, for example.

The 7.9″ display is housed in a full aluminium chassis. It is protected by Gorilla Glass and uses optical bonding. Resolution is 2560 x 1536, with an IPS panel. The tablet is also one of the first to use the new USB-C interface, which features a reversible socket.

Foxconn is producing the N1 for Nokia. The tablet will be launched in China on 19th February for $250, before being released in other markets such as Russia and Europe.

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The revival of the Nokia brand, which Microsoft has just killed off for smartphones, is sure to cause some confusion amongst consumers. Aside from that, the tablet looks like a strong play from the company, with a low price and good specs. (TA)