Music score as a screen with digital notes

The Terrada Music Score Co. Ltd. from Japan has launched the Gvido music score reader which uses two 13.3″ E Ink Carta displays to display music in PDF format. The display is fitted with a custom Wacom pen for annotation and notes and that has an eraser function. A wired or wireless foot pedal allows page changes and set list control and is available as an option. The reader has microSD and microUSB for expansion and weighs 660gms. It has 8GB of internal memory and Gvido has a cloud service for supplying and storing music.

The reader will be shipped in Japan, the US and Europe from 20th September 2017 and will cost $1,600.

Initially, the system is just for reading music, but there is a plan to include composition and writing functions later.

Analyst Comment

The Gvido has been developed and is made by Vaio, the notebook spin-off from Sony.

Gvido score reader