Multi-function Display Shipments Rising, Says DisplaySearch

Demand for multi-function TFT-LCD displays in the automotive instrument cluster is accelerating. According to DisplaySearch, shipments of these products will grow 48% YoY in 2014, to reach 30.2 million units. Further growth will see shipments rise to 50 million units by 2018.

“Formerly a concept found only in science fiction…automatic electronic control of automobiles is now a reality”, said Hiroshi Hayase of DisplaySearch. “With leading-edge features like fully automatic driving on the horizon, and with growing requirements to actively monitor safety and ecological functions, multi-functional TFT-LCD instrument clusters could soon resemble glass cockpits”.

Demand is mainly led by the USA, EU, Japan and other developed regions. The top purchaser of instrument cluster TFT-LC panels this year was Continental AG, followed by Ford and Nippon Seiki.

Display Daily Comments

As was stated at the Latin Display conference a couple of weeks ago, trends in automotive displays tend to follow the trends in aviation and that application has already moved to glass cockpits. (BR)