MSI To Get Close to 5M AIB Shipments

MSI is reported by Asian sources to be on track to ship 4.8 million graphics cards this year, with Gigabyte expected to get to 3.45 million units and MSI believes it is catching up with Asustek. Gigabyte is reported to have shipped 2.55 million units by the end of Q3, and MSI at 3.5 million Gigabyte hopes to ship 12.5 million motherboards, with a year end target of 16.1 to 16.5 million.

Analyst Comment

According to our friends at JPA Research, early reports on the AIB market in Q3 suggest a possible total of 10 million or so, bringing YTD to around 32 million, giving Gigabyte 8% and MSI around 11%. (BR)