MediaTek Unveils Dimensity Auto Platform for Intelligent, Always-Connected Vehicles

MediaTek has launched a new platform for the automotive industry, Dimensity Auto. The platform includes Dimensity Auto Cockpit, Dimensity Auto Connect, Dimensity Auto Drive, and Dimensity Auto Components, which are designed to provide automakers with the necessary technologies for intelligent, always-connected vehicles. Dimensity Auto utilizes MediaTek’s expertise in performance, power efficiency, and system-on-a-chip (SoC) integration. It meets automotive-grade reliability standards and features high-performance computing, AI, and energy efficiency. The platform leverages MediaTek’s experience in several technology categories to deliver a smart driving experience.

Dimensity Auto Cockpit is built using leading chip manufacturing processes to optimize feature integration, performance, and power efficiency. It provides a portfolio of solutions with hardware and software scalability. MediaTek’s AI multi-processors with deep learning accelerator (MDLA) and vision processing unit (MVPU) provide high performance, and MiraVision technology supports multiple displays and HDR.

Dimensity Auto Connect uses high-speed telematics and Wi-Fi networking for consistent connectivity. It includes 5G NTN technology, 5G RedCap, Wi-Fi 7, and comprehensive GNSS coverage. Dimensity Auto Drive enables ADAS solutions and provides an open platform for partners to offer intelligent assist and autonomous driving solutions. It uses MediaTek’s AI Processing Units (APU) for high performance. Dimensity Auto Components provide automotive-grade chipsets and standalone components for connected, intelligent vehicles. MediaTek’s technology is designed for the automotive industry and includes power management solutions, advanced integrated display technology, and accurate positioning and navigation.