May Sees Rise in Small & Medium Panel Shipments

In May small and medium panel shipments for the “big four” rose 16.8% MoM and 25.4% YoY to 108.568 million.

AUO saw monthly revenue of NT$25.744 billion ($862 million), an increase of 5.2% MoM but down 8.3% YoY. This brought turnover to date to NT$124.665 billion ($4.2 billion), a drop of 13.7% YoY. The company shipped 15.22 million small and medium panels, down 7.9% MoM but increasing 19.4% YoY.

CPT reported May revenue of NT$2.308 billion ($77 million), up 4.9% MoM but down 3.9% YoY. Its small and medium panel shipments numbered 25.61 million, a fall of 6.5% MoM but up 1.2% YoY.

HannStar Display recorded turnover for the month of NT$1.875 billion ($63 million), showing increases of 35.6% MoM and 15.3% YoY. The firm shipped 45.288 million small and medium panels, a rise of 66.9% MoM and 49.9% YoY.

Innolux posted May sales of NT$21.998 billion ($737 million), a rise of 11.7% MoM but a decrease of 21.7% YoY. Small and medium panel shipments were 22.45 million, rising 2.7% MoM and 22.7% YoY.

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