Sigmaintell Research Releases IT Panel Pricing Trend Report

Sigmaintell Research has released its latest pricing trend forecast for IT panels. The company believes there has been a build up of inventory of new models in Europe. Demand in the Chinese market is weak, the firm said. However, in order to develop market share, brands have still been actively shipping to the channel.

The analysts indicate that, because the price of IT panels continues to fall, product mix adjustment has been carried out by panel factories to stabilise revenues. Some manufacturers have increased their supplies of high-end monitor displays — mainly gaming, borderless and large-size panels.

Thanks to aggressive imports, the Chinese market’s channel inventory level is in a good position. Sigmaintell predicts that the channel and its brands will carry out positive price promotion to increase demand and reduce inventory. Analysts estimate that the price of 21.5″ Full HD TN and 23.8″ Full HD IPS panels will maintain a downward trend in May.

Notebook panels have seen tight supply and demand, due to a shortage of parts including capacitors. Some panel makers have adjusted their capacity loading to improve supply but overall inventory levels remain on the high side.

On the whole, Sigmaintell predicts that the price of notebook panels will continue to maintain a downward trend in May.