Many of the World’s Leading Consumer Electronics Brands Announce New Eyesafe Products at Blue Light Summit

Eyesafe, UnitedHealthcare Vision and TÜV Rheinland Group presented the Blue Light Summit 2020, bringing together world leaders from consumer electronics and health care, for a first of its kind cross-industry event. Brands including Dell, HP, Lenovo, Acer, ZAGG Brands, AMD as well as display maker BOE, shared in broad discussion with health care professionals from UnitedHealthcare and the Eyesafe Vision Health Advisory Board about the connections between screen time, blue light exposure and overall human health.

“UnitedHealthcare Vision is focused on supporting whole-person health by helping encourage eye health for the millions of members we are privileged to serve through employer-sponsored, individual and government plans,” said John Ryan, CEO, UnitedHealthcare Vision. “With many people of all ages spending more time using digital devices, this year’s summit and recent innovations related to blue-light filtering technology has taken on added importance for employers, eye care professionals, educators, parents, children and all consumers.”

The Blue Light Summit follows the release of the Screen Time 2020 Report from UnitedHealthcare and Eyesafe, which includes survey results from employers and vision care providers related to screen time and blue light exposure – an issue of growing importance with the widespread shift to remote learning and working amid COVID-19.

The event also featured global leaders in consumer electronics unveiling new hardware and aftermarket solutions designed to help reduce high-energy blue light emissions. Multiple companies unveiled the next generation of products that have achieved Eyesafe certification – the world’s most advanced low blue light requirements for low blue light and high color performance – including Dell, HP, Lenovo, Acer and ZAGG Brands.

Dell was the first of the major global brands to announce Eyesafe solutions with many of its premium laptops and gaming products, and during the Summit, Dell shared that they have expanded Eyesafe across all new XPS laptops that they have launched this year, in addition to select models of Alienware and G-Series gaming notebooks.

“Dell has a long history and commitment of being at the forefront of new technology and product innovation,” said Darrel Ward, Senior Vice President, Client Product Group, Dell Technologies. “With our XPS, Alienware and G Series lines, we were the first global PC brand to have product lines meeting the Eyesafe certification in the marketplace.”

HP announced low-blue light certification for its leading notebook brands, including HP Spectre x360 13″, 14″ and 15″, and HP ENVY x360 15″ models with Eyesafe.

“Screen Time is a real issue that HP recognizes must be dealt with head-on,” remarked Kevin Frost, HP’s Vice President Consumer PCs Personal Systems Group. “HP is proud to introduce these game-changing product solutions that protect eyes at the source. Many of our latest notebooks are equipped with displays that meet Eyesafe requirements for low blue light and color performance. HP is making the health and well-being of our consumers a top priority.”

Lenovo announced the release of its Yoga Slim 7i Pro 14?, which offers brilliant color and clarity with 2.8K resolution; it marks the company’s first notebook to achieve Eyesafe certification. In addition, the ThinkVision T27hv, packed with an array of advanced features, represents Lenovo’s first Eyesafe-certified monitor to hit the market.

“Since the onset of the global pandemic there has been no greater issue facing the consumer electronics industry than that of screen time and concern about the impacts of blue light emitted from displays; to that end, Lenovo is leaning in and dealing with the issue head-on which is why we opted for designing our latest and most advanced displays to meet the Eyesafe certification requirements,” remarked Stefan Engel, the Vice President and General Manager of Lenovo’s Visuals Business, which leads all monitor business at Lenovo.

Echoing Engel was Jun Ouyang, who leads Lenovo’s consumer notebook business, who remarked: “As we know, this year’s epidemic has brought a huge impact the way people live and work. Learning from home and working from home have become the new normal, and consumers are more dependent on PCs than ever, which has led to heightened demand for a better visual experience. Through applying the Eyesafe Display solution to our new line of products, we are radically reducing harmful blue light emissions while, at the same time, maintaining beautiful color – all this without sacrificing consumers’ visual experience.”

Acer announced Eyesafe monitors that will begin shipping in Q4 2020, putting Acer is on track for adopting the Eyesafe standard across the majority of its display products in coming year.

“We’re excited that ten models of our monitors have received the TÜV Rheinland Eyesafe Display Certification,” remarked Marc Ho, Senior Director of Product Management of Acer’s Digital Display Business. “Acer is committed to innovation and bringing new technology that enhance the experience and wellbeing of our users, and our industry-leading Eyesafe gaming monitors provide even more vivid colors while reducing blue light emissions.”

Display panel maker BOE announced TÜV Rheinland certification for seven product platforms, in mass production during 2020, featuring a low blue light LED and 100% SRGB high color gamut.

“As the largest panel maker in the world, BOE will continue to promote innovative technologies and work closely with TÜV and industry professionals,” said Frank Mao, Vice Present and General Manager of Notebook Business at BOE.

ZAGG Brands, the leading global screen protection supplier, unveiled new products across the InvisibleShield Glass + VisionGuard with Eyesafe products at the Blue Light Summit 2020.

“InvisibleShield has been the world leader in keeping mobile devices safe from the perils of blue light exposure. Through our partnership with Eyesafe, the world’s leading screen time safety company, we have been able to implement their proprietary next generation blue light filtration technology to keep our customers safe and secure,” said Chris Ahern, CEO for ZAGG Brands. “We look forward to announcing the next generation of InvisibleShield with Eyesafe products at the Blue Light Summit 2020.”

UnitedHealthcare Vision announced an enhanced eye care benefit at no additional member cost sharing for anti-reflective lens coating for dependents under age 19 in eligible employer-sponsored plans3, along with informational guides for employers, parents and educators, and eye care professionals.

The Blue Light Summit 2020 was moderated by John Ryan, CEO of UnitedHealthcare Vision, along with Jay Yang, Vice President of Electronics, TÜV Rheinland, and Justin Barrett, the Chief Executive Officer of Eyesafe. In addition to the brand announcements, the Blue Light Summit 2020 featured sessions and roundtable discussions from industry leaders in health care and technology.

A replay of the event as well as on-demand video segments from featured brands can be viewed here.

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Eyesafe is the worldwide supplier of Eyesafe® technology, Eyesafe® display, and Eyesafe® standards, a suite of pioneering products and services that are shaping the consumer electronics industry’s understanding of device usage, screen time, and the impacts of blue light-emitting devices. Eyesafe® technology and the associated intellectual property portfolio was developed by a world-class team of eye doctors, engineers and scientists with decades of experience in electronics, display materials, and light management. Headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota, Eyesafe works to develop technologies and standards in conjunction with leaders in healthcare. Supported by the Eyesafe® Vision Health Advisory Board, the Eyesafe Display requirements are based on the growing body of research for blue light exposure and the consumer electronics industry’s requirements for accurate color performance.

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3 Enhanced benefit design available to new UnitedHealthcare vision customers with between 100 and 1,000 eligible plan participants and case effective dates between Oct. 1, 2020, and Jan. 1, 2021.