Mantis Vision to Demo Its Tech on Samsung Devices at CEO Summit

Mantis Vision, a provider of mobile 3D scanning technology, announced it will run its technology and applications on Samsung mobile devices during a demonstration at the Samsung CEO Summit 2018 on October 11th at San Francisco’s Masonic Center. The demonstration will include real-time 3D volumetric acquisition and real-time point cloud multicast streaming of moving people at 30 frames per second to a variety of Samsung VR and mobile devices, along with other 3D systems.

The company that originally introduced high-resolution structured light depth sensing, Mantis Vision has introduced multi-depth camera synchronisation technology to drive live 3D content acquisition and cross-platform streaming. Mantis says this enables the creation of premium AR/VR volumetric content for mobile phones, AR/VR devices and professional scanning devices for studios.

Mantis claims its decoding technology offers significant advantages, including high-depth accuracy and resolution at varying distances, low noise and strong resilience to motion artefacts, all at an affordable cost, creating opportunities for mass deployment and consumption of 3D content.