Macroblock Brings an LED Display Educational Tour at Infocomm USA 2017

Macroblock makes a perfect ending through a meaningful and educational tour with the latest Hawkeye solution platform under the theme of “Superior, Simple, Smart” at Infocomm USA 2017, June 14-16.

“At this year’s exhibition, we are brining an educational tour in our booth to make it easier for visitors to understand how to verify a good quality LED display as well as how LED driver IC selection may influence an LED display in terms of image quality and system reliability,” said Kurt Tsai, Technical Marketing Manager, Macroblock Inc.

Freddy Lo, Product Manager, Macroblock Inc., added, “We found that superior image becomes a basic criterion for LED display buyers and users. More value-added functions are appreciated, such as Macroblock’s Smart Power Saving function and Brightness Adjustment Module (BAM) function. Many LED display buyers, users and manufacturers come to Macroblock booth with questions and leave with satisfication.” This is the power that encourage us to move on for technology innovation and reinforce our dedication to customers.

Superior Image – Hawkeye 100/ 200/ 300
Macroblock demonstrates some commonly seen image problems, such as ghosting effect, grayscale performance, dim lines at first scan lines, bright lines caused by LED dead pixels, color shift at low brightness, and high contrast interference, on fine pitch LED dispalys and showcases Hawkeye solutions that solve the problems. With the comparison of “before” and “after”, visitors realize that the problems they are encoutering can be fixed by using Macroblock’s LED driver ICs plus MOSFETs – Hakweye solution platform.

Simple Interface – Hawkeye 100/ 200/ 300
The live demonstration of Brightness Adjustment Module (BAM) applies a much simple, user-friendly software interface of controller system that allows users easily adjust LED display brightness without grayscale loss. By scrolling the brightness adjusement bar on the interface, users may apparently see the brightness and grayscale changes comparing the traditional way of Grayscale Data with the innovative way of BAM. The BAM function is applicable to all of Macroblock’s LED driver ICs with current gain function. Adopting Macroblock’s LED drvier ICs with current gain function, users only have to upgrade the software of the controller system to achieve better image quality without sacrificing grayscale after brightness adjusement. For more information about BAM or software of controller system, please contact us via [email protected]” href=”mailto:[email protected]”>[email protected].

Smart Power Saving – Hawkeye 200/ 300
The highlight of smart power saving is specifically designed for LED displays at long-hour operation with “mostly black” images. Macroblock showcases this feature with Hawkeye 200 (MBI5353 plus MBI5947) by displaying maps in a black background on two LED display cabinets. The power-saving enabled cabinet apparently saves 25% of the power. In addition, visitors can easily feel the tempurature difference on the surface of the LED display cabinets. Macroblock’s Hawkeye 200 and 300 are featured with this smart power saving function for pure black images, which may save up to 50% of the power, if an LED display shows all-black image

The Hawkeye series products are listed in the table below, allowing customers to easily select the most appropriate product to meet the requirements.