Lumus Extends To US Navy Collaboration

The US Navy and Lumus of Israel have been working on a new helmet for divers that adds information to the view from the helmet. The helmet is called Diver Augmented Vision Display (DAVD) and the extra information could be very helpful as divers regularly have to work in conditions where there is little or no visibility. Access to an electronic display can be very helpful in this situation by allowing divers to see images from hand held or surface controlled sonar systems. The display can also be used for text messaging if there are issues with voice communications.

Lumus has also worked in the past with the USAF.

Check the video below for an animated simulation of the device.

Image: US Navy

Analyst Comment

We have been reporting on Lumus since the 2005 SID event. I have always thought that their display optics are very good and show how augmented reality could transform many areas of life. (BR)