Lightvert Now On the BBC

We reported on UK-based Lightvert (Lightvert Has Large Displays… or not…) which has developed a system for creating huge LED-based displays on tall buildings that exploit the persistence of vision. Now, the BBC has made a video about the technology that is worth a look if you are interested.

Analyst Comment

Of course, people have exploited the persistence effect for a long time – the images below were from a company at CES, Kino Mo, and we have seen its demos several times – there is always a crowd around that is watching. The first shot used too short an exposure. The second one gets a better impression of the effects generated, but we didn’t have a tripod to allow a really well-judged exposure.

Kino Mo CES 1This spinning LED display uses the persistence of human vision to create an image. Our short shutter speed shows the mechanism. The image below shows the effect and had a slower shutter speed. Images:Meko