LGD Will Show Rollable TV at CES

LG Display is still on target to develop 60″, UltraHD, flexible and rollable transparent panels by 2017, the company has said – which it is working on as part of Korea’s Future Flagship Programme (Display Monitor Vol 19 No 27).

Our only update since then came in February 2014 (Display Monitor Vol 21 No 8), when LG Display showed an 18″ prototype. Now, the company has announced that it plans to show a 55″ rollable OLED TV at CES 2016 – at least, according to the Korea Times.

An LG source speaking the Times said, “LG’s move to exhibit a prototype of a rollable TV has huge meaning in the global technology industry amid the industry’s gradual shift toward flexible OLED technology. The launch of the 55-inch rollable TV represents LG’s readiness to lead over rivals in the heated race for applications with large-sized flexible OLED panels, which are more profitable than devices using small OLED displays”.

Curved or wire batteries from LG Chemical will be supplied for the TV if it ever enters mass production, said the Times. An LG spokesman said that a decision on whether to show the TV had not been made yet.

Analyst Comment

LG Display showed a flexible OLED TV in May and again at IFA. It could be stuck to the wall with magnets (LG Displays Gives Impressive Keynote). (TA)