LG To Use More OLEDs on Phones

LG is looking to raise its sales of smartphones and the first phone that it is looking to is the V30 which is widely reported to be launched towards the end of Q3, with IFA being suggested as the launch event. The phone is reported to have a second display, with some sources suggesting that this might slide out to be used as a supplementary screen. The main screen is likely to be a bezel-less design, identified as an OLED, and some sources are quoting pricing as $699 for the 64GB model. Rumours identify the processor as a Snapdragon 835 and with 6GB of RAM.

A second phone, the flagship G7 is expected to appear in January, ahead of the typical March announcement of G series phones. The phone is rumoured to be based on a Snapdragon 845.

The phones are expected to continue the use of 18:9 displays as seen in the G6 which was based on an IPS LCD (pictured Image:Meko)