LG To Revert to OLED for Smartphones

The Korea Herald has reported that LG is likely to move to OLEDs for its next top of the range smartphone, the V30, with a following phone, the G7, to do the same next year. Quoting anonymous sources, the paper said that production from the LG Display Gumi plant will be used for its in-house brand.

Analyst Comment

LG has shipped OLED phones before – the Optimus Sol in 2011 and the G Flex in 2013, but neither was successful. The paper has previously reported that LG Display had slipped potential supply of OLEDs to Apple for its phones to 2019 because of yield challenges.

It’s not surprising to see LG trying to adopt OLED. Although the company is doing well in some markets, it needs to ensure it is very competitive in the premium segment where even the Chinese brands are trying to adopt OLEDs. (BR)

The LG Flex had a flexible OLED display, but did not gain traction in the market